Why Bamboo?

Flooring is the only part of your home you touch at almost every moment of every day. So while looks are important, so too is the sense of touch.

To the eye, our premium bamboo flooring has a natural glow timber floors can't match. And because of its unique grain, bamboo floors give homes a beautiful flow from room to room. 

Our customers in Perth, Western Australia and all across the country tell us time and again that their bamboo flooring makes them feel good about their home. It touches their hearts as well as their toes. The fact that bamboo is eco-friendly will make you feel good inside too.

  • Tough – our bamboo floors are up to 73% harder than Jarrah.
  • Fresh New Look – bamboo is a whole new kind of warm, natural flow that is very difficult to achieve in timber.
  • Colour consistency – bamboo colours are achieved through a controlled process of caramalisation, so there is less variation between the colours you choose from our showroom and the colour you have installed in your home.
  • No Mess – timber needs to be coated inside your home, bamboo does not.
  • Easy Clean – bamboo floors are wiped clean in minutes.
  • Quick Installation – because bamboo floors can be installed with the polish already applied, you won't need to camp out at the in-laws. Installation is fast and clean, and the floors can be walked on the same day.
  • Environmentally friendly – bamboo grows incredibly quickly (up to 1 foot per day) and the plant still continues to grow after being harvested

Hardness guide

The following comparison is a measurement of the resistance different varieties of flooring have to denting, as tested by Curtin University. The higher the number of Kilonewtons (kN) the more tolerant the flooring is.

Bamwood® Bamboo Blackbutt (Eastern States) Jarrah Kempas Tasmanian (Tassy) Oak
14.7 kN 9.1 kN 8.5 kN 8.0 kN 4.9 kN